Tornetis Review: An Unknown ED Med from a Large Pharma Company

Brand: Tornetis

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Lek Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: Slovenia

Tornetis Tablets Image

Review and Description

Tornetis is a drug especially developed for men with erectile dysfunction. This medicine contains sildenafil citrate, the drug used in making Viagra. For this reason, Tornetis belongs to a family of generic Viagra medicines.

The phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibitors in Tornetis prevents the PDE5 from working too quickly. PDE5 is the reason why men can have a faster erection that leads to a faster ejaculation. With an enzyme inhibitor, you can now control this and be able to have a longer erection. When the PDE5 is uncontrolled, it is then considered as erectile dysfunction and this is what sildenafil citrate is for. Aside from treating erectile dysfunction, Tornetis is also used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension among men and women. If you are treating your PAH with Tornetis and you are experiencing ED, do not take other ED medications like Viagra or Cialis without talking to your doctor first.

Tornetis is a product of Lek Pharmaceuticals of Slovenia. Lek Pharmaceuticals is one of the groups of companies of Sandoz who happened to be a division or subsidiary of Novartis, a large pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Lek Pharmaceuticals is their division that works in producing generic medicines for their Europe market. Lek Pharmaceuticals has been around for 71 years.

Lek Pharmaceuticals officially started in 1946 but it was in 1965 when they finally started seeing some growth as a pharmaceutical company. In 1994, Lek Pharmaceuticals became a private company, the first in Slovenia and in 1995, they were able to launch their first product in the US. In 1998, they joined other pharmaceutical companies in producing penicillin with their new manufacturing plant in Prevalje. In 2000, they continued to fly high with Enalapril, another blockbuster drug in the US. In 20015, the US FDA has approved their cancer treatment and HIV treatments making it available in the US. Being a part of a large company like Novartis, we really expect a lot from Lek Pharmaceuticals which they continued to deliver.

Customer Reviews

Lek Pharmaceuticals is a subsidiary of Novartis, a very large pharmaceutical company in Switzerland with a presence all around the world. After researching and learning a lot about this company, we were really expecting something spectacular from Tornetis like some awesome reviews. Unfortunately, this is something that Tornetis doesn’t have.

Despite being backed up by a good manufacturer, Tornetis is an ED drug that is not known to most ED patients. As for us, this is also the first time we heard of it although we are familiar with Lek Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz, and Novartis. This only proves that sometimes, the manufacturer’s name alone is not enough in marketing a product, the company needs to spend and invest in marketing their product as well.

Pricing and Dosage

After searching the internet for a few minutes for customer reviews and ending up with nothing, we decided to move on and just do a further research about Tornetis.

According to their website, this medicine is measured and sold in three dosages – they have it in 25mg, in 50mg, and in 100mg. It is available in a blister of four and eight tablets (per blister). The price though was not available. There are few websites that talked about Tornetis except for its price.

How to Buy Tornetis Online

According to the website of Lek Pharmaceuticals, their products are mostly generic medicines for the European market hence we are already expecting that this medicine is only available in Europe. We checked some of the online pharmacies we have that cater to European customers but we found no Tornetis on their list. This medicine is not even available for request. This only shows that even if it is a product of a large pharmaceutical company with a presence around the world, not all of their medicines are accessible and available for everyone to use.

If you are looking for a great alternative to this brand, Fildena is obtainable in the selected e-stores:

Fildena is a generic Viagra medicine that you can easily find from any e-shop. It is also affordable and with great reviews from its users, you can easily trust it with peace of mind.

How to Use

For Tornetis, the recommended dosage is 50mg and it should be consumed at least one hour before having a sexual activity. This medicine won’t cause an erection. It would help you respond more positively to sexual stimulation though and once you are at it, it will help you gain harder and longer erection.

For best result, it is best to take this medicine on an empty stomach. Taking it on a full stomach or after eating some fatty foods can delay its effect.

Adults with ED problem should only take the maximum dosage of 100mg. Do not take more than what is prescribed to you in a day. Do not take this medicine as a maintenance drug. This is a need-it-only drug meaning you should just take it when needed.

Side Effects

There are clinically significant side effects associated with Tornetis and sildenafil citrate formula. Once you started taking Tornetis, you can expect to have mild to nothing. However, in case any of these side effects reveals and you start to experience something, do not fret. These side effects disappear on its own after a few hours.

Among the side effects to watch for are headaches and dizziness, hypersensitivity to noise and light, having dry eyes, hearing some ringing in the ear, having symptoms of hypertension and heart attack, and feeling nauseous that can lead to vomiting.

If any of these side effects linger for hours to a day, check with your healthcare provider immediately.

Conclusion with Rating

Tornetis is a product from Slovenia. It is manufactured by Lek Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Sandoz and Novartis. Lek Pharmaceuticals is known for producing generic medicines for their Europe market and Tornetis is just one of their products.

Despite being a product of a large pharmaceutical company, Tornetis had a hard time making a name for itself in the ED medicine world. With hundreds of ED medicine in the market today, it seems like manufacturer’s name is not enough and Tornetis needs to be marketed in order to make more sales.

With all the information we have for Tornetis, we are now giving it a star rating of 2 out of 5. Some reasons for its low rating was its limited availability, lack of information such as price, and lack of customer review.