Acute Depression

Acute depression is also known as major depressive disorder, unipolar depression, and clinical depression. Acute depression is the mental illness which is caused by lowering intrest; change in environment, daily actvities, depressed mood. The acute depression is causes in both mental and physical. The acute depression is commonly appear in age but widely it can be seen in the age group between the 25 and 44. The acute depression is last from 6 to 9 months. The acute depression is seen in both male and female also. The symptoms are not sen by the direct physiological affects of a substance but also with the general medical condition. The 19 million Americans are affected by the depression in both male and female but it is more in male than in female. The acute depression can change from a single traumatic event in our daily life.

Causes of Acute Depression

There are so many causes of the acute depression. There are various factors which are affects the acute depression such as psychological, biological, and environmental factors. Some of the causes of the acute depression are as follows


Loss of relationship

Death of lovely person Functional impairment

Symptoms of Acute Depression

Feel sad Sleep problems

Weight loss Crying spells Memory problems

Ability to enjoy life

Repeated feelings of death Headache

Suicidal ideation Loss of concentration

Treatment of Acute Depression

There are various treatments are used for the acute depression. The acute deperssion in the children causes very serious problem because we can easily treat the acute depression in the adult but not in the childrens. For the treatment of the acute depression we can take some prevention such as a psychological estimation can be done by the doctor. Antidepressant medication should be take for the acute depression at the same dose for at least 4 months beyond better improvement.

The mood-stabilizing medication may be used for to treat the acute depression. The Electroconvulsive therapy is secure and effective treatment for acute depressive disorder.