Securetabs Review – A Pharmacy Network with the Ability to Fulfill All Your Medical Needs

It is usually time wasting and tiring to move from one website to another just looking for your meds. Everyone would like to keep his or her medical purchases on a single online pharmacy. This is what you get when you are shopping using the Securetabs network pharmacy sites. These websites which resemble each other but have different domain addresses have over 25 medication categories. This translates to hundreds of drugs. What this tells you is that you will get your meds in a single medication vendor site.

Securetabs pharmacy network has been offering their medications and services to more than one million people. This is to tell you that the drug stores offer great services. This results in establishing a great relationship with their customers. The fact that the sites don’t feature a complicated look makes it easy for people who are shopping for medications on the internet for the very first time shop quickly without wasting time.

You don’t have to fear a pharmacy network just because it has the same site on different domain addresses. What you need to do is keep loading these sites using the valid domain addresses. There are scam sites looking like the Securetabs drug stores. Even if you happen to be on a scam site by mistake, you will not realize it. Using domain addresses which have already been investigated and proven to be registered by the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd which owns Securetabs pharmacy network is the only way to be safe.

Securetabs Reviews

It will be hard to tell whether the sites in a pharmacy network do offer great services or they offer mediocre services by looking at how their websites look like. You can, however, fix this by simply checking the consumer reviews. Here are some of the reviews we managed to locate on the Securetabs network sites:

Securetabs Network Sites User Feedback

It is always great to shop from an online pharmacy you are sure your queries will be handled quickly and effectively. According to Jacob’s testimonial, the sites in the Securetabs drugstore network never disappoint their customers. When the website failed to process Jacob’s order, he just needed to call the customer support department and they managed to sort everything out for him. The shipping was quick even though he had paid for the regular shipping.

The pharmacy network always keeps their customers updated about their orders. Alex confirms this. His meds arrived quickly and they all had the quality he wanted. Mark ordered twice from France and the meds got delivered within a period that never exceeded 10 days. The meds had a top quality and he never had to deal with the customs.

Securetabs Online

It is hard to find an online pharmacy network that will offer you access to supplements, over the counter meds, prescription meds, and herbal medications all at the same time. However, this is what the Securetabs network offers their customers. Once you load one of the sites in this network, you will have the ability to solve your health problems and fulfill all your medical needs. The prices favor everyone. Here are some of the prices you will get:

  • Viagra soft will cost you $0.91.
  • Kamagra will require you to pay $0.90 for a pill.
  • Cipro is worth only $0.22 a pill.
  • Propranolol will cost you $0.27 per pill.

Paying for meds will not be an issue as long as you have either a Mastercard or a VISA credit card. If you have neither, these credit cards are easy to obtain. The money you pay is always guaranteed to offer you the value you are looking for. For example, if your meds don’t get to you, you only need to inform the customer support department. You will receive a reshipment and if you request a refund, you will get it within a period of 5 to 7 days.

The customer support department does not sleep. They will always answer your questions irrespective of when you call or email. The pharmacy network has sites with a language changing function. Therefore, even if you don’t understand English, you can change the sites to your preferred language.

Securetabs Coupon Codes

We tried checking out some medications. We were amazed by the offers available in the shopping cart. See the offers below for yourself.

Securetabs Discounts

If your meds are costing you over 200 dollars, you get to enjoy a 10% automatic discount and free airmail shipping. If your orders are worth more than 300 dollars, you will not pay for EMS shipping. You will also get some free pills as a bonus. All customers can use the coupon IT-4752 to receive an instant 10% discount on any of the Securetabs network drugstore sites.

Securetabs Phone Numbers

The sites in the Securetabs drugstore network have two phone numbers. These are +1 718 487 9792 and +4420 3239 7092. They also have a contact page where you get to fill in your queries and send them an email. The stores lack a live chat function but the customer support department makes up for this by their prompt email replies.

Securetabs Spam and Phone Calls

The Securetabs network support team will never call you. The only emails which will appear in your inbox from the pharmacy network will be related to your order. Not unless they are giving you an update related to your order, they won’t email you.


Securetabs being a global pharmacy network has invested in making their sites as usable by people as possible. You will have the ability to change the site language and currency by simply selecting what you prefer from the drop-down selection box. The medications you receive will work perfectly. This has already been confirmed by former Securetabs customers in their reviews. The drugs are never delayed. You won’t even need a prescription to order. For all these reasons, we rate Securetabs network 5 stars.