Good Pills Review: One of The Most Trusted Network of Online Pharmacies

Good Pills is an international chain of internet drugstores that sell generic and branded medicines worldwide. Their shipping service allows delivery anywhere in the world unless your country has restrictions when it comes to importing medicines.

Good Pills offer convenient medicine buying online. According to their website, they designed their e-stores with an easy to use interface to make it easier to use even for elderlies and nontechnical people. Good Pills is known for their tagline, which says “world famous pharmacy.”

Good Pills Reviews

Although a brand name is important, most business owners now know that customer reviews are more important than a brand name. No matter how popular your brand is, a few negative comments can bring it down. However, a line of positive customer feedback can surely bring a business up. This is the aim of Good Pills when it was starting and thanks to their awesome customer service and affordable products, they were able to amass a large number of positive reviews from their verified customers.

Good Pills Reviews

A few clicks on the internet for Good Pills customer reviews led us to the testimonials shared by Simona, Kaiman, Alex, and Mark. These Good Pills customers are from around the world, from different countries.

Good Pills Feedback

As for Simona, she felt great that she finally found Good Pills and had ordered from it. She said her order arrived on time and everything was packed properly and orderly. As for Kaiman, he praised the website for being user-friendly. He added that his order was processed promptly.

A review written by Alex of France said that he appreciated the wide range of medicines offered by Good Pills. He also appreciated their effort in giving him an update about his order until he got it. For the last review, we found the one that was shared by Mark from Deutschland. Mark loved ordering from Good Pills because it always arrive on time and he never had to worry about customs. He also said that the quality of the medicines he is receiving is at its best.

From these four testimonies, we gathered that Good Pills and its network of internet drugstores are reliable when it comes to processing an order and that they have a user-friendly website. We also concluded that their products are of high-quality because a number of their customers mentioned it.

Good Pills Online

Good Pills network of affiliate pharmacies sells generic and branded medicines at a very affordable price. On their website, among the things that they brag about are their low-priced medicines (lowest in the web), their more than a million happy customers, and their fast delivery.

Good Pills Website

Ordering from this group of e-stores is very easy. You just have to search for the dug you need, click on add to cart and complete the order by paying with a Visa or a MasterCard. Upon checkout, you can also choose between Airmail Shipping and EMS Courier Delivery for the shipping method. Airmail is offered for $9.95 while EMS is offered for $19.95. If you reach a certain amount of purchase, you might be eligible for free delivery. Once your bank approves your card transaction, then your order will be processed, packed and sent to your delivery address.

If you want to send your order to your Po Box address, you can do so. Just make sure to give your correct address because missed delivery due to incorrect address provided by a customer is not eligible for a free reshipping. In case you encounter a problem with your order like it is incomplete or is missing or has been delayed for months, you should contact Good Pills support team as soon as possible.

All medicines dispensed by Good Pills are FDA approved and Indian FDA approved. Ordering an Rx medicine from this group of online pharmacies is easy because they don’t require a prescription.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

Good Pills is currently not offering coupon codes to their customers. Good Pills understands that coupon codes can be enticing but they don’t feel the need to over promote their website at the moment. With more than a million happy customers, it is enough for Good Pills to offer benefits and deals to their customers to keep them loyal.

Good Pills Benefits

Among the current deals that they offer are low-priced medicines, fast and guaranteed delivery and their million satisfied customers. In addition, all orders from Good Pills comes with free pills.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

We all want an online store that a service provider that we can talk to if needed. This is what Good Pills wants to practice hence they provided a phone support team.

Good Pills Contact Information

For their customers in the US and in the UK, the numbers to dial are 718-487-9297 and 4420-3239-7092 respectively. These numbers might not work if you are not within the mentioned countries. If you are outside these territories, the way to contact the support team of Good Pills is thru their ‘contact us’ page.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills doesn’t support spamming customer emails just so they can introduce their product. They also do not allow making unwanted phone calls for marketing purposes. In order to keep their customers’ information private such as emails and phone numbers, they are using a system that doesn’t save such information during the order process.


Good Pills is one of the most popular groups of online pharmacies that you can find in the market today. It is a Canadian company and they started operating in 2001. For its good customer reviews, the easy to use website, its affordable medicines, and its attentive customer service, we are giving Good Pills a rating of 5.